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Rebel Rose



Hi, I'm the Rebel Rose!! Or Starla as my friends know me as. 
 I live in Idaho and as you can tell 
 I'm 48 and I work for McCain Foods (formally Ore-Ida Foods). I have been a member of AMA and a member with the Idaho Motorcycle Club.
 I love to laugh, ride my bikes, enjoy music, dancing, movies and computers.
 This is just a small bio of me, I'm sure when you check out my site you'll see why I love riding and being with my friends!!
 You can reach me on ICQ my number is 170041. The sites I enjoy viewing are all the motorcycle pages.


Meet your future riders. My grand daughters! Tiffany and Jamie!! 
Tiffany was born in Jan. 1985 and is wearing red . Jamie was born in Oct. 1986 and is wearing green. 
They love to ride on my bike and Tiff goes on alot of the runs with me.


This is my youngest son Dusty. 
He lives in Rupert Idaho and enjoys hunting, fishing, and all the other things boys like to do!

     This is my oldest son Verl and my grandson Christian!!!

 Verl has been on motorcycles since he was five. He really enjoys the sport himself.



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